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I was able to put my own stamp on the trainee programme

Philip Curry
“I think that SEB is very good at protecting and developing its staff", says Philip Curry, Product Strategist in SEB Investment Management division

While a trainee at SEB, Philip Curry made sure to explore different parts of the bank. This curiosity led him to an entirely new role and division.  

Philip Curry has only worked for a couple of months in his new role as Product Strategist in SEB Investment Management division. Before this, he took part in SEB’s International Trainee programme and worked with business analysis in Risk Management.  

Why did you change roles when the trainee programme ended?

“I studied a master’s in finance and previously worked in the fund market and with investments. So I was willing and interested to have closer links in my work with the financial market and specifically the funds I work with today. My role involves developing and designing new, externally managed funds. These are primarily investments in alternative asset classes such as private equity and infrastructure.” 

What attracted you to apply to SEB’s trainee programme?

“I liked the fact that the programme had a good mix of belonging to a department while at the same time having the freedom to prioritise your interests in order to develop. The individual is given a lot of responsibility to explore the different parts of the bank and put their own stamp on the traineeship, and that appealed to me. I made sure that I met many colleagues and was open to not only visiting nearby departments but getting around all the different parts of the bank. This meant that I came into contact with many experienced and interesting people who shared their perspectives on their business areas.” 

Which departments did you visit? 

“My home department during the trainee programme, Transaction Services, is within the Large Corporates and Financial Institutions division. I started by learning how our business works and relates to the bank as a whole. But I was also curious about what we do and will do within the private market area, among others. For example, within the division there are departments that work on understanding how our offering needs to look ten years from now in order to remain relevant to our customers. Since Investment Management’s work in asset management interested me, I ensured I made lots of contacts and got a foot in the door. I also got to spend some time abroad, including three weeks in London. There, I got the chance to work on a project and gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs outside Sweden.”

How does SEB encourage its employees to develop?

“I think that SEB is very good at protecting and developing its staff. This can be about everything from getting the right tools to specialise in their field to developing into a leadership role. For example, we have our own digital platform, Campus, where there are all kinds of education programmes and courses. It’s not only the trainees that are given an opportunity to see and work in new departments within the company. This opportunity is also available to others in various forms of temporary assignments. I often meet colleagues who have worked at SEB for a long time but have moved around the company’s different divisions and departments. I think this is an important aspect in order not to feel stuck in a role and to constantly develop.”

What do you do to stimulate your curiosity?

“I listen a lot to various podcasts. For example, about different entrepreneurs’ success stories, the financial market and business models. Then I also do a lot of road cycling which gives me masses of energy – and you need that to stay curious.”