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The fast pace makes it exciting

Oskar Heljeberg, Analyst within Debt Capital Markets (DCM)
Oskar Heljeberg, Analyst within Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Oskar Heljeberg, Analyst within Debt Capital Markets (DCM), shares his thoughts on SEB’s Investment Banking Internship programme and why someone should consider a career in the area.

As a former intern and now a full-time analyst, how did you develop during your internship?

“As an intern your primary responsibility is to support the team and to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Most day-to-day assignments revolve around preparing pitch material, conducting industry and sector research, and providing transaction execution support when needed. I developed enormously throughout my internship, as I was challenged to acquire new skills and take on genuine responsibilities right from the outset.

I was fortunate to encounter diverse market conditions, initially entering the bank during a period of low interest rates and ample liquidity in the financial system before the landscape transformed quickly as inflation surged and geopolitical events began influencing risk sentiment. The volatility turned out to be a valuable learning lesson as it taught me the pivotal role capital market access plays and highlighted how our institution can provide crucial support to clients during periods of uncertainty.”

What stands out about the culture at SEB?

“For me, it is the flat hierarchical structure. Despite us working in a highly competitive environment, I have found that the organisation fosters a climate where individuals are actively encouraged to voice their opinions and contribute their perspectives, irrespective of their seniority levels. Moreover, colleagues across the bank are always happy to share their knowledge, which helps more junior employees like me develop.”

What is unique about working in Debt Capital Markets (DCM)?

“Firstly, the high level of client interaction that you get on a daily basis, even as a junior, and the opportunity to build and maintain meaningful relationships with clients.

Secondly, I really enjoy the fast-paced nature of the work. It may sound a little cliché when I say that no two days are the same, but it is true. We are constantly monitoring interest rates, market trends and many other variables that can potentially impact upcoming transactions to provide clients with the best possible advice.

Finally, I would say the broad exposure you get to other parts of the bank. We work closely with many different units including Coverage, Corporate Loan Origination, Corporate Finance, Fixed Income, Credit Research, and Legal. This gives you a great understanding of the product offering the bank delivers to customers and makes DCM a fantastic place to start your career.”

What does the future hold for SEB Debt Capital Markets (DCM)?

“SEB’s DCM franchise has grown tremendously throughout the last few years, marked by significant strides in sustainable financing and a broadened geographical footprint, and there is a concerted effort to continue this journey. Navigating the dynamic landscape of sustainable finance poses challenges, especially beyond our conventional markets, but we embrace those challenges because they present terrific opportunities. Our clients are more global and more sustainability-minded than ever before, so we grow and adapt alongside them. Personally, I take great pride in trying to shape a more positive future by helping companies raise debt where the proceeds are earmarked for projects with positive environmental or social impacts.”