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I am really able to make a difference

Jessica Mattsson
"The ultimate goal of our work is to have a positive impact on society. I find this very motivating", says Jessica Mattsson

Jessica Mattsson works with sustainable finance at SEB developing sustainable products and services for the bank’s customers.

After her internship at SEB in the summer of 2020, Jessica Mattsson joined the newly started Sustainable Banking department. At first, she worked part-time while completing her Master’s in Finance but last spring she took on a full-time role as a Sustainable Finance Analyst.

What do you do at work? 

“My team, Climate and Sustainable Finance, works with sustainable finance and develops various types of sustainable financial products and solutions for our customers. I work with both financial institutions and large corporates, and during my time at SEB my particular focus has been on sustainability data and portfolio analysis. This is very broad work and I get to see many different customer groups and parts of the bank.”  

What is most fun about your job? 

“That I work in a new and innovative area where lots of new things are constantly happening, which means my job involves continual development. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of our work is to have a positive impact on society. I find this very motivating.”

How are you encouraged to be innovative in your daily work?

“Even though I am young and new to the sector, I am encouraged to come up with new ideas and my team is given considerable freedom to work with sustainable innovation. What I like about working in an innovative environment is that all the answers and solutions are not already in place, we have to find them together.”

What made you choose to work with sustainable finance?

“I wanted to feel that what I do makes a difference and has a positive impact on society. By working with sustainable finance, I feel that I really can make a difference.” 

What attracted you to SEB? 

“SEB has a very strong position within sustainable finance and there is an innovative spirit within the bank. For example, SEB was involved in the creation of the first green bond together with the World Bank in 2008 and we were also involved in the issue of the first green corporate bond in 2013.” 

How does SEB make a positive contribution to society?

“Our greatest opportunity to be involved and influence the world in a positive direction is through our customers. We do this by giving them innovative financial solutions and helping them to finance sustainable ideas.” 

What is your favourite innovation?

“Green bonds. They have been an unbelievably important tool for steering capital towards green projects and giving investors an opportunity to contribute to the climate transition.” 

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