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We’re growing and developing at such a fast pace

Ilona Fomičova

For Ilona Fomičova, working in a bank has always been the dream. At just 19 years of age, she applied for a job at SEB, while still pursuing her Bachelor's degree in finance. Today, she has been with the bank for just over ten years, and recently moved from Riga to Stockholm to work as a Team Manager for the Prime Finance Support team within Business Services – a role she had strived towards since the beginning of her career. 

What is the best part of being a Team Manager? 

– Describing the Team Manager role is always a bit difficult as the work includes quite a lot. You need to balance people management skills – making sure that the team has relevant knowledge and the right support – while also ensuring that we deliver expected services to our clients and business partners. This could, in turn, include working with automation and deficiencies, system replacements or making sure that we’re complying with new regulations. But the best and most rewarding part of the role is without a doubt the people. Seeing how much everyone grows and helping your team members to build knowledge, a network and confidence is really what gives me energy. 

What has made you stay within Business Services? 

– For the past ten years I have had different roles, working within various teams and even in new locations. However, I have always been within Business Services. This highlights one of the most exciting parts about working in this area – the career opportunities. Business Services is growing and developing at such a fast pace, from doing things manually to automating various processes. Thanks to that, we have even more interesting and exciting tasks which give you the chance to try a lot of new things. You’re constantly learning and going forward, and that’s what drives me. Until that drive ends, Business Services is the right place for me to be. 

Why is Business Services such an important part of the bank? 

– For me, the description “at the heart of the action” really says it all. Business Services is in the middle of everything, and is integrated into the business side, IT and also when working with our clients. So, if we don’t have smooth processes or the right competencies on our side, it directly affects the client and therefore the entire business. That’s why we’re always part of the discussion, and our opinion is highly valued as we see and know the entire end-to-end flow. Ultimately, everyone wants seamless service, which is what Business Services truly stands for. That’s why we’re so important. 

– This is something we always try to highlight among colleagues – you need to have the full picture to understand the value Business Services creates, and therefore our purpose. Understanding the importance of your tasks makes your work life so much more meaningful and definitely adds to your pride, motivation and drive.