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With commitment and willingness to learn, you will go far.

Andrea Matsson, analyst in Corporate Loan Origination
Andrea Matsson, analyst in Corporate Loan Origination

Former Investment Banking intern, Andrea Matsson, who now works as an analyst in Corporate Loan Origination, reflects on her experiences and why she pursued an internship with SEB.

When Andrea Matsson started the process of searching for an internship, she had not set her sights on a specific company, but Investment Banking was definitely what interested her the most. Then she landed a spot in SEB’s Investment Banking internship.

Andrea grew up in Gothenburg, but just recently moved to Stockholm for her full-time position at SEB as an Investment Banking Analyst. She has a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from the University of Gothenburg and is about to finish the last year of her master’s in Accounting and Financial Management.

Andrea landed her internship in January 2022 in SEB’s Loan Origination team, an area she knew little about beforehand. It turns out the department is very broad, and you get to be involved in many different things - everything from reading and understanding agreements to working in Excel and preparing presentations for debt capacity exercises for companies.

Her internship began during the pandemic, which meant it was complicated at first with all the restrictions. But over time she received more tasks, gained an understanding of how to price loans, how to think about risk classes, and how different industries differ in how they work.

“After only a couple of weeks, I felt like I had learned an incredible amount and grown both in terms of knowledge and my commitment. The original plan was to stay there only until the end of March, at the end of March, I received an offer to extend my internship until September, which I happily accepted.”

Not even two months after that, Andrea received an offer to start working full-time as an analyst in the same team.

“It came as a surprise to me, but as I enjoyed being in the team and with my duties, I agreed to it. The unity and commitment of everyone in my team is incredible. I have previously found it hard to believe how after so many years, people still find it fun and inspiring to work with the same thing. But in my team I get to see it closely, and I understand it now.”

SEB’s Investment Banking Internship was Andrea’s first internship, and she never imagined how great it would turn out.

“I am so grateful that I gathered the courage to apply for an IB internship at SEB, even though I worried that I did not have all the qualities that were needed. I believe that with commitment and willingness to learn, you will go far.”