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Unpredictable days in the hunt for smoother processes

Mimmi Hedman, Global Process Manager at SEB
Mimmi Hedman, Global Process Manager at SEB

“The most enjoyable thing about my job is that it’s unpredictable. I like not knowing in advance how my days will turn out," so says Mimmi Hedman, who is Global Process Manager at SEB. 

Mimmi Hedman has a degree in design and product development from the University of Gävle. During her studies she had a holiday job at a bank office and after her studies she got a job at Nordea where she worked for just over a decade in various roles. At the end she had a managerial role within process development and took part in the work of developing the group’s global processes.

Just over a year ago, Mimmi took the step over to SEB where she currently works as Global Process Manager within Structured Credit Operations. This means she has a strategic responsibility for developing processes linked to structured loans. She is the manager of five specialist who in turn support the units in Stockholm and Vilnius in their practical work to process the loans.

“Employees within Business Services take care of everything from loan payments to interest, instalments and repayments throughout the life of the loan. Their work is often the final step in a long chain and is what mostly shapes the customers’ experience,” she says.

Structured loans are a form of large and complex bank loans which are often divided among several banks. One bank has the main responsibility as agent while others take part as lenders. Customers are large companies and financial institutions. 

“These are customised transactions. There are seldom any standard agreements, but these are drafted by lawyers for each transaction. This means that the loans are handled in a manual process that is difficult to automate. But there is a lot that can be improved to make the process smoother, more secure and of high quality. 

What personal qualities are required to work as a global process manager? 

“I can really only speak for myself. I am fairly analytical, a good listener and pragmatic and I think these are good qualities.”

Mimmi also believes that she has benefited from her education within the design process. 

“Instead of starting from a ready-made solution to a certain problem, you start by understanding and defining the problem from a customer or user perspective. Then you come up with ideas and test your way forward in a more iterative process. By asking yourself the question why at many stages you often arrive at completely different solutions than you thought at the beginning.”

What’s most fun about the job? 

“That it’s totally unpredictable. New cases are constantly turning up that need to be handled and require re-prioritisation. It is fun. I do not want to know in advance what my days will look like, although this can be a little frustrating at times.

“We work in an agile structure with cross-functional teams that consist of representatives of all links in the chain, from the business units to Business Services and Technology. This means we get close to each other and gain an understanding of what might be challenges in different areas. It’s varied, fun and stimulating.”