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There is a powerful forward momentum within the bank

Five years ago, Mikaela Brinte left her career as a professional dancer behind her. Today she is Head of MarTech & Digital Analytics at SEB. She tells us about her journey within the bank.

During the 2010s, Mikaela Brinte lived among other places in London where she danced at the professional level but her career had to be put on hold when she suffered an injury. In order to have something to do during her rehabilitation, she started studying business administration and IT. The plan was that she would take up dancing again when she felt better but instead she became totally absorbed in her new direction.

How did your journey at SEB start?

“While studying I had no thoughts of working at a bank and that I applied to SEB’s trainee programme was more of a coincidence. But during the actual application process, I became very interested in the bank and the recently started digitalisation journey. I knew at once that I wanted to be part of this and I saw what a bank actually does with new eyes.”

What roles have you had?

“I started as an IT Project Manager and then became a Business Advisor to Sara Öhrvall, who was then Chief Digital, Customer Experience and Communication Officer. This role was about driving change within SEB. Among other things, I helped to transform the marketing and communication department as well as work on the development of our digital channels. I have always felt happiest in the borderland between IT and business. This is where I am strongest.”

Last year you became Head of MarTech and now before the summer Digital Data as well. What does this role entail?

“My task is to produce and develop our digital capabilities to drive sales and customer service for our customers in our digital channels. It is simply a matter of communicating in the right place at the right time. My new responsibility for Digital Data also involves overall responsibility for measurement in our digital channels so that we can perform analyses and continuously improve our services and customer experiences based on this. It feels exciting to go in as leader this time and to help others to grow.”

“It’s important to make learning part of everyday life”

How has SEB helped you to develop?

“The trainee programme included a number of different study programmes which gave me a sound base but I actually think that the learning I receive in everyday life is the most important. This can range from reading a report to attending one of SEB Campus’s seminars or courses. Right now I am doing a course on leadership which all new managers at the bank can take. We talk about everything from what the journey from being an employee to becoming a manager means to how best to drive transformation.”

What makes you stay at SEB?

“There’s strong forward momentum and willingness to constantly develop and become even better. Plus this is an employer which really looks after its people.”