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The key is to be able to contribute to change

Anneli Coehn

Anneli Coehn started at SEB as a participant in the Tech programme. Today she is Global Head of Talent Management. Here she talks about her journey – and about SEB's talent strategy going forward.

After studying IT and leadership at Karlstad University, Anneli Coehn applied for SEB's tech programme in the autumn of 2011. Her first role was as a process specialist in IT service management and over the years she has held several different specialist roles and managerial positions within the bank. Since September this year, she is Global Head of Talent Management.

- What I have learned from my previous roles is how important people are in our work, and that they are the ones who are involved in building the bank of the future. Therefore, it feels like a great privilege to now be able to work specifically with these issues.

One of the main reasons why SEB is ranked highly by its employees, Anneli believes, is all the opportunities that exist within the bank to develop further and test in new areas and professions.

- You can move both vertically and sideways, while you always get good support from your managers and colleagues. I would say that there is an incredible joy among the employees who are rooted in the drive to want to make a difference for our customers and find the best way forward. The key is the feeling that you can contribute to change, combined with the opportunities to develop.

Anneli Coehn's team works to attract the right skills to SEB - both those who are just entering working life and those who are already specialists. In SEB's talent strategy in the coming years, they will place great focus on creating a dynamic labor market.

- This means that, while we are looking for external talent, we will also work for increased internal mobility so that we can retain all the employees we already have. It must be possible to find your next career step within SEB in a natural and accessible way. We also need to talk more about development and make it even easier to move within the bank even for shorter periods - to learn something new or contribute your knowledge, she says and adds:

- I also strongly believe in working with employee engagement in a modern way and link to a clear purpose, that is, that the employees feel that they can be involved and influence.