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SEB's President and Group Executive Committee

The President is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Group's activities in accordance with the guidelines, policies and instructions established by the Board. The President reports to the Board and submits at each board meeting a report on the performance of the business in relation to decisions made by the Board, among other things. The Board of Directors has adopted an instruction for the President and Chief Executive Officer's work and duties.

The President appoints the Heads of Divisions and the Heads of Group Staff and Support functions. The Group's Chief Financial Officer is appointed in consultation with the Chairman of the Board.

SEB's President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Johan Torgeby.

The President has five separate committees at his disposal for the purpose of managing the operations: the Group Executive Committee, the Asset and Liability Committee, the Group Risk Committee and the Group Executive Sustainability Committee, and the Internal Control and Compliance Committee.

Asset and Liability Committee

The ALCO, chaired by the President and with the CFO as deputy chair, is a Group-wide decision-making, monitoring and consultative body.

ALCO, which held 11 meetings in 2022, handles the following matters, among others:

  • financial stability, particularly in the new regulatory framework 
  • strategic capital and liquidity issues, including internal capital allocation and principles for internal pricing.

Group Risk Committee

The GRC, chaired by the President and with the CRO as deputy chair, is a Group-wide, decision-making committee that addresses all types of risk at the President level in order to evaluate portfolios, products and clients from a comprehensive risk perspective.

The GRC held 54 meetings in 2022.

The GRC is authorised by the Board to make all credit decisions, with the exception of a few matters that are reserved for the RCC. In addition, the GRC is tasked with:

  • making important credit decisions
  • ensuring that all risks inherent in the Group’s activities are identified, measured, monitored and reported in accordance with internal and external rules
  • supporting the President in ensuring that decisions regarding the Group’s long-term risk tolerance are adhered to in the business organisation
  • ensuring that the Board’s guidelines for risk management and risk control are implemented and that the necessary rules and policies for risk-taking in the Group are maintained and enforced.

Group Executive Sustainability Committee 

The GESC is a decision-making body in matters related to corporate sustainability activities in the SEB Group. The GESC shall decide in the following matters in the corporate sustainability area in order to secure the best interest of the SEB Group:

  • matters that are to be presented to the Board
  • matters of major importance or of importance as to principles,
  • matters which are of common concern to several Divisions, Group Support functions or Group Staff functions,
  • SEB’s sustainability-related policies and position statements; and
  • KPIs and targets for the Divisions.

GESC held 8 meetings in 2022.

Group Internal Control and Compliance Committee

The Group Internal Control and Compliance Committee (GICC) is a committee that shall address and follow-up on reports from the control functions Group Internal Audit, Group Compliance, and where relevant the Chief Risk Officer function, as well as reporting and escalations from the Group FCP Committee and the Group Data Privacy Committee.  

The President shall also, in GICC, decide on appropriate measures in response to the reports of the control functions, needed to remedy identified deficiencies that are not appropriately address in the first line of defense; all with a particular focus on the specific requirements in the Swedish FSA’s regulation FFFS 2014:1 Chapter 6, sections 7 and 8, and Chapter 3, section 3, paragraph 2 and Chapter 3, section 4.

GICC held 8 meetings in 2022.