Responsible and proactive advice

Relationships and trust are the foundation of everything we do. Our customers entrust us not only their money but also their aspirations and their plans for the future. In a society where uncertainty and complexity increases, we want to be a trustful partner with a long-term perspective.

For SEB, it is important to know our customers and their preferences. We aim to have constructive dialogues and provide responsible and proactive advice to customers about sustainability aspects as well as about the consequences of their activities.

Values that guide us

The starting point for all our business is built upon our core values – customers first, commitment, collaboration and simplicity. They guide our actions and reflect who we are and what we believe in. An important tool is also SEB's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct describes SEB’s way of working and guides us in our business relationships. The Code helps employees in their efforts to build long lasting relationships with customers and other stakeholders. 
SEB's Code of Conduct

Responsible lending

We want to make it easier for our customers to gain control and to get a comprehensive view of their finances. We provide them with the relevant tools to make their own decisions and we highlight the opportunities as well as the risks.

Ensuring that our customers can afford to manage their debt is a key component of all responsible lending. This is why our credit decisions always are based on the customer's individual situation and repayment abilities. Our approach entails fair and ethical marketing, and we consciously avoid products such as loans via mobile phone text messages.

Managing potential negative impacts

SEB works to identify and assess areas related to climate and environment, human rights, labour law and social relations as well as anti-corruption where we may have negative impacts through our business relationships.

In 2019 a pilot project was initiated in Sweden focusing on how to better support corporate customer advisers in their customer dialogues about sustainability-related risks. The advisers were provided with an overview of these risks with questions related to environment, human rights and labour law as well as anti-corruption adapted to specific sectors. The response to this support tool from the selected customers and the customer advisers was positive, as this approach increased the risk understanding and deepened the relationship.

Digital services

Banks, as other sectors, face a growing demand for digital services. The availability of relevant, accessible and targeted information becomes increasingly important as people need to make the right decisions in everyday matters 

In Sweden and the Baltics, we have digital tools to facilitate advising and understanding of customers’ finances. We offer digital pension advice over the phone with a shared screen with contracts that can be signed digitally. 

Customer privacy

In SEB, we always treat the information that our customers entrust us with in a careful and responsible manner. Our privacy policy explains, among other things, which of the personal data we process, why we process them, how we collect them and how long we save the data. 

Information on processing personal data (in Swedish).