How we work

Clear and effective structures for responsibility distribution ensure that SEB's sustainability efforts address relevant issues and that they are implemented across the entire company. Strong ethics, effective governance and adequate reporting underpin our sustainability work.

Sustainability Governance

Board of directors

Is responsible for safeguarding the delivery of our Corporate Sustainability (CS) Strategy. As applicable, matters are dealt with by the board or by any of its established committees: the Risk and Capital Committee; the Remuneration and Human Resource Committee; and the Audit and Compliance Committee.

Group Executive Committee (GEC)

Decides upon the Group targets and SEB's approach to Corporate Sustainability. Approves the CS Policy. Head of Group Communication holds the CS responsibility in the GEC.

The Corporate Sustainability Committee

A sub-committee of the GEC, and an operational steering group responsible for co-ordination, anchoring and implementation of the corporate sustainability strategy and action plan. The committee is chaired by the Head of Group Communication and is responsible for advising the GEC. It has representation from all divisions and key functions.

Group Corporate Sustainability

Is part of Group Communications. Coordinates and drives the overall sustainability agenda within SEB. Is responsible for the implementation of the CS Policy as well as for reporting on its annual progress. The function works closely with business divisions and group functions including Group Human Resources, Group Compliance, Group Procurement, Group IT, and Group Real Estate & Premises. Coordinators are available on country level in Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Local sustainability committees

Manage the sustainability work on a daily basis within the specified division, country or staff function. Report on ­progress.

Managers and employees

Each head of division, business area and group function is responsible for ensuring that activities are carried out and instructions are in accordance with applicable policies, such as the Corporate Sustainability Policy.