Governance, policies and reporting

Clear and effective structures for responsibility distribution ensure that SEB's sustainability efforts address relevant issues and that they are implemented across the entire company. Strong ethics, effective governance and adequate reporting underpin our sustainability work.

Sustainability Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directorsis responsible for the establishment of a strategy for corporate sustainability and an organisation to execute this strategy. The Board approves the Corporate Sustainability Policy for the SEB Group and the Sustainability Report, which is included in the SEB Group’s Annual Report. The Board is regularly updated on corporate sustainability matters.

President and Chief Executive Officer

The President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the execution of the corporate sustainability strategy and implementation of the governance structure set by the Board.

The Group Executive Sustainability Committee

The President and CEO has established a Group Executive Sustainability Committee(GESC) to manage the execution of the corporate sustainability strategy in the SEB Group. GESC is a decision body that is chaired by the President and CEO.

Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking is a first-line, operational body in the SEB Group that is responsible for coordinating and driving the overall corporate sustainability agenda in close collaboration with the Divisions and Group Staff and Support functions. The Chief Sustainability Officer heads the Sustainable Banking Group and is a member of GESC.


Each Head of Division, Head of Group Support function and Head of Group Staff function have the responsibility to ensure that procedures and controls are in place in order to implement and adhere to the corporate sustainability objectives, strategy and policies set by the Board, the President & CEO and GESC.

For the full description of SEB’s sustainability governance model, please read more in the Corporate Sustainability Policy.