Crime prevention is key

Anti-money laundering vital to trust

Chairman of the Board Marcus Wallenberg emphasised the SEB commitment to detecting and reporting suspicious transactions at the Annual General Meeting 2019.
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In a changing world, with constantly new methods of trying to deceive both the bank and our customers, crime prevention is a vital part of our business. While the regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing have changed in recent years, the bank's work on getting to know customers, educating employees and collaborating with authorities, police and other banks has intensified. Every year, SEB Group reports thousands of suspicious transactions to authorities.

Measures against money laundering

SEB works in a structured way to protect our business against money laundering, hacker attacks, sabotage, intrusion attempts, cybercrime and financing of terrorism. We work on several levels to increase the bank's resistance.
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Protect yourself against fraud

Both you as a customer and we at the bank are responsible for not using personal information wrongly. You yourself need to ensure that your digital devices are protected. Here are our best tips:

  1. Never give away codes. Ever.
  2. Don’t use BankID or Digipass on the request of someone who contacted you.
  3. Report fraud attempts to police.
  4. Always update app, browser and operating system.
  5. Contact us so we can help.

Our Code of Conduct

We take immediate measures for events suspected to involve corruption or other illegal activities. SEB's Code of Conduct is regularly discussed between managers and employees. The code binds everyone at SEB.
Our code of conduct

Fighting money laundering and terrorism financing

As a part of our normal business behaviour, SEB fights money laundering and terrorist financing.
Instruction for procedures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Whistleblowing at SEB

If an employee or another person should discover possible unethical or unlawful behaviour, they should report their observations, either to SEB or via a third-party, encrypted whistleblowing function.

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We ask questions to protect

To protect both you and us from being used for money laundering purposes, we are obliged under anti money laundering laws to have documented knowledge of you as a customer, even though we have regular contact with you. That’s why we ask questions and want answers – to follow laws and regulations and to protect you, and us.

Continuous training of employees

One of the most effective ways of combating financial crime is to increase employee awareness of what characterises fraud. Therefore, we offer various forms of education, which are updated continuously and special those who deal with money laundering are mandatory for all employees, regardless of the role of the bank.
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Group Compliance

The Group's compliance function is independent of the business operations, while it is a support function for the business. Important work areas are:

  • customer protection
  • market conduct
  • prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • regulatory compliance and control.

About our control functions

Fraudsters purporting to be SEB

It has been brought to our attention that fraudsters are purporting to be Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) London Branch and soliciting potential investors to purchase SEB bonds.  The fraud is sophisticated, and gives the impression of the involvement of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) London Branch.  

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