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Energy sector

Energy lies at the heart of the success of nations. The ability to provide ample, flexible, and cheap energy has fuelled the creation of industry, jobs, tax income and welfare across our home markets.

At the same time, energy production is also the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant challenge in limiting global warming. In the coming decades, the goal is to completely transform the energy systems we’ve collectively spent hundreds of years building. A transition that will permanently redraw the supply and demand landscape.

Building a low-carbon world together 

For over 165 years, SEB has facilitated societal shifts, from electrification to digitisation.

Today, sustainability is at the core of our efforts. As one of the largest project finance banks in the Nordics we support our clients' transition to more sustainable business models. We believe this is the best way to have a positive impact on climate change.

The role of our energy team is to offer industry-specific, tailored advice and financing solutions for companies at various stages of their transition journey, helping them optimise their capital structure and facilitate development and growth. Investing across the full energy spectrum – generation, distribution, and consumption – involves supporting companies in renewable energy production, ensuring smooth and efficient integration into energy systems, and promoting energy conversion and efficiency for end users.

Our goal is to support our clients in a resilient and orderly transition to a low-carbon economy, ensuring the security of supply, social welfare, and energy security in all our markets.

Our Advisory and offering includes:

  • Lending.  
  • Project financing.  
  • Bonds.  
  • Liquidity and working capital funding.  
  • Guarantees and hedging products.  
  • Commodities.  
  • Rates and currency.  

Voices from SEB

Mission to spur the energy transition

“Energy banking is, fundamentally, about societal progress and economic growth. The ongoing transition echoes in every business, and every society.” Read the full interview with Atle Røren Head of Energy Coverage and Joel Skagerberg Head of Project & Infrastructure Finance at SEB.

The coming energy system

In the Green Bond Report, November 2023 edition, our Head of Strategy SEB Research, Thomas Thygesen describes the new energy infrastructure that is needed for the future.
Transition reflections

The fast, furious – and fair – energy transition

Gregor Vulturius, SEB's Lead Scientist and Advisor within Climate & Sustainable Finance, brings over 10 years of experience in working with policy makers, the financial sector, academia, and civil society. He is also the editor in chief of “The Green Bond”, SEB's research publication that strives to bring you the latest insights into the world of sustainable finance – one theme at a time.

Long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our clients

SEB Greentech VC backs algorithm-based energy trading

The investment in the German company Esforin highlights the opportunity of flexibility in the energy transition. With new capital, Esforin can scale up their flexibility services to reach more customers, ensure grid stability, lower energy costs, increase the use of renewable energy sources, and overall reduce the carbon footprint.

A partnership for converting residues to renewable energy

Meva Energy produces local, cost-efficient renewable gas and power for the manufacturing industry. With SEB as an advising partner, the company secured investment to continue their mission towards a fossil fuel-free industry, where no resources are wasted.

A bold approach to renewable energy in the Baltics and Poland

Renewable energy company Sunly is on a mission. By taking a holistic approach to its operations – stretching all the way from building solar and wind power to developing inventive energy storage solutions – Sunly strives to give renewables a major push in its home markets.

Sector by sector.
Industry by industry.

By offering advisory services, innovative and sustainable financing and investment products, we're helping our clients to reach their sustainability targets.

Contact SEB's Energy Team

Our Energy Team, including Energy Coverage and Project & Infrastructure Finance, consists of experienced energy bankers who understand the full scope of the energy transition and its challenges. We are organised by products and geographies to best meet the needs of our Large Corporate and Financial Institution clients. 

Reach out to our Energy Team via our local home market pages