Macro economists and strategists

Robert Bergqvist

Chief Economist

Chief Economist at SEB since 2007. Joined SEB in 1997. From1988 to 1997 he was responsible for the Riksbank's monetary and currency policies analysis, among other positions. There he also agreed to bump interest rates to 500 per cent during the 1992 Swedish Krona defence. Educated economist at Linköping University.

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Carl Hammer

Head of Macro & FICC Research

Carl is focusing on global macro, FX and G10 central banks. He joined SEB in 2006 from the Swedish Debt Office where he worked as portfolio manager on the overlay management of FX-denominated debt. Carl started his career in London at Monitor Company as a management strategy and M&A analyst focusing on equity valuations. He holds an M.Sc. from London School of Economics.

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Daniel Bergvall

Economist, expert on Nordic, Eurozone and public finances

Daniel is focusing on euro zone, Sweden and public finances. Joined SEB in 2009. Prior to working at SEB he did macroeconomic analysis, forecasting and public finance reviews for 10 years at primarily the Swedish Ministry of Finance and the Paris based OECD. Daniel holds an M.Ss. in economics from Linköping University, Sweden.

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Erica Dalstø

Chief Strategist, Norway

Erica is responsible for our Norwegian research focusing on macro, the local currency and interest rates. Erica joined SEB in 2007 as a Swedish fixed income strategist. Since 2011 she held her current role. Erica holds a M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.

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Richard Falkenhäll

Senior FX Strategist

Richard joined SEB in 2010. He previously worked in different roles at the Swedish National Debt Office, including as deputy head of active management. Richard started his professional career at Ministry of Finance in late 2000 as an expert on corporate and capital taxation before moving to the department for financial markets where he worked with FX, fixed income and equity markets forecasts. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Uppsala University (2001).

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Lina Fransson

Fixed Income Strategist

Lina joined SEB in 2016. She previously worked at the Swedish central bank (Riksbanken) for two years where she was part of the Monetary Policy department with focus on the dynamics between monetary policy and financial markets. Lina has also worked two years as an analyst at the Wealth Management unit at Söderberg & Partners. Lina holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Lund University.

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Håkan Frisén

Head of Economic Forecasting

Håkan is Chief Editor of SEB’s Nordic Outlook report. He joined SEB in 2001. Before this he was Head of Unit at Sweden's Finance Ministry, Deputy General Director at NIER, Senior Economist at the European Commission and Chief Economist at the Confederation of Municipalities. He served on the Economic Council for Industry in 2003-2013. Håkan holds a M.Sc. aster of Science from Linköping University and Bachelor of Economics from Lund University.

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Kristin Gejrot

Senior Investments Specialist

Kristin has worked with research and investment at SEB since 2011. She has worked at SEB’s fund company since 2015, focusing on asset allocation and the bank’s House View. Kristin has an M.Sc. in Economics from Stockholm University and a B.Sc. in Finance from Australia.

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Dainis Gašpuitis

Chief Economist, Latvia

Dainis joined SEB in 2007. Previously worked at Bank of Latvia in International department and Statistics department, Balance of Payments division 1999-2007. Studied at the University of Latvia.

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Jussi Hiljanen

Chief Strategist, EUR and USD rates

Jussi joined SEB in 1999 and has since been holding various positions in sales, fixed income and macro research and trading. His professional career started in 1995 as Portfolio Analyst at Erik Selin Bankers (later Carnegie) in Helsinki, followed by positions as Quantitative Analyst at Handelsbanken Markets in Helsinki and Stockholm. As part of his studies, he went to in Indiana University, School of Business. He holds M.Sc. in Economics from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

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Lauri Hälikkä

FX & Fixed Income Strategist

Lauri is responsible for derivative and cash products in both fixed income and currency markets, focusing on market analysis, trade idea generation and quantitative analysis. He joined SEB in 2008 and has worked within fixed income and currency markets in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York. He holds a M.Sc. in Economics.

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Per Hammarlund

Chief Emerging Markets Strategist

Per is covering FX and fixed income markets primarily in EMEA and Latin America. He joined SEB in 2011 as a country risk economist. Prior to joining SEB, Per worked at ACE (now Chubb) and AIG in New York, where he headed the company’s FX risk analysis. Per holds a B.Sc. degree from Lund University and M.Sc. and PhD degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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Olle Holmgren

Fixed Income Macro Strategist

Olle is focusing on the Swedish economy and inflation. He joined SEB in 2001. Previously he worked as an analyst at the Ministry of Finance, National institute of Economic research and the Riksbank. Olle studied mathematics and economics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Phone: +46 8 506 23 268

Claus Hvidegaard

Head of Fixed Income Research, Denmark

Claus joined SEB in 20017. He has experience in fixed income since 2000 as an analyst and investor in securitisations, mortgage bonds, government bonds and credits and IRS.

Phone: +45 33 28 10 88

Johan Javeus

Chief Strategist

Johan's main focus is on topical research of new and hot trends in the economy and financial markets. Johan joined SEB in 2004 as an FX strategist from Svenska Handelsbanken. He has worked with macro, FX and fixed income analysis since the late 1990s. He holds a B.Sc. from Uppsala university.

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Elisabet Kopelman

US Economist, Fed Watcher

Elisabet is responsible for covering the US economy and the Fed. She joined SEB in 2001, working in the Investment Strategy team. She has been a macro economist in the bank since 2004, covering Swedish/global economy and monetary policy. Elisabet was head of the then separate Macro Research unit in 2014-2015. In her earlier career, Elisabet worked as an economist at Svenska Handelsbanken (1993-2000) and as a financial journalist (1988-1993). Elisabet holds a B.Sc. in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and a degree in Journalism from University of Gothenburg.

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Mihkel Nestor

Chief Economist, Estonia
Phone: +372 665 5172

Tadas Povilauskas

Chief Economist, Lithuania

Tadas is responsible for our Lithuanian economic research. Prior to joining SEB in 2015, he was focusing on equity research and commodities trading. Tadas holds a Master of Economic Analysis from Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Phone: +370 5 268 2521

Karl Steiner

Chief Quantitative Strategist

Karl joined SEB in 2006 as analyst conducting risk management advisory towards large corporates and financial institutions. In 2009 moved to a role as Quantitative FX Strategist. Before SEB he worked three years as a researcher and lecturer for the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg from where he also holds a M.Sc. in Economics.

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Eugenia Victorino

Head of Asia Strategy

Eugenia is focusing on macro research in the Asia Pacific region. She joined SEB in 2018. Prior to SEB, Eugenia spent almost 6 years as an Economist at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank) in Singapore covering ASEAN and South Korea. She has also worked at ING Bank in Amsterdam focusing on country risk in Emerging Markets. Previously, she worked as a university lecturer handling Microeconomic Theory, Mathematics for Economics, and Statistics for Economics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Ateneo de Manila.

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Marcus Widén

Euro economist, ECB and Sweden

Marcus is focusing on European and Swedish economy. He joined SEB  in 2019. He has a wide experience from public and private organizations such as Ministry of Finance, Barclays Capital, National Institute of Economic Research and Statistics Sweden. The main focus has been forecasting the Swedish economy and inflation. Marcus holds a M.Pol.Sc. in Economics from Lund University.

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