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Cash management

We help you optimise your global liquidity positions and financial processes, wherever you do business. This enables the release of working capital, while cutting costs and mitigating risk.

We offer a broad range of cash management products and services that enhance liquidity management and decision-making processes.

Our solutions enable you to handle your liquidity surpluses or shortfalls, eliminate currency risks and cut conversion and transaction costs. The web-based or host-to-host solutions integrate easily with third-party technologies.

Integration services

Our Integration Services offer you a single point of entry for payments, collections and reporting services provided by us. Covering a wide range of countries and transaction types, the services are global. We provide you with access to our transaction services both where we have a presence and with SEB's partner banks and other external banks.

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Liquidity management

When it comes to liquidity, we focus on supporting efficient cash consolidation and global and instant liquidity visibility. This is combined with enhanced forecasting processes and flexible solutions to facilitate short-term investments and funding.

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As a leading provider of payment solutions in northern Europe, SEB continuously develop solutions to fit the corporate, bank, institution and consumer needs.

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Business Arena

Business Arena is a flexible financial platform that allows you to gather all your company's most important services in one place. You get a better overview of and deeper insights about your business.

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C&I Online

C&I Online is a global Internet banking service. It is available from all over the world and enables an increasing number of financial transactions through a single interface with secure access.

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