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Business Arena - your business platform

We believe that a world of constant change requires flexible solutions. That is why we have created Business Arena – a new digital platform that will grow and evolve over time. Business Arena allows you to gather all your company's most important services in one place and explore new services that are continuously added to the platform. With the new platform you will get better overview and control, as well as deeper insights about your business.

Get an overview of Business Arena in 1 min

All your banking services in one place. With one login. Start the video and get an overview of Business Arena in 1 min. 

Virtual Cash Management

You can structure virtual accounts based on your needs and improve your reconciliation process without involving the bank. 

Digital onboarding

You can apply and sign for new products in a self service application, for example payments and reporting via file in ISO format.

Foreign Exchange

You have access to a new application offering FX spot, forwards, swaps, and buyouts in a modern and user-friendly interface.



Integration capabilities

Business Arena has the technical requisites to allow integration with ERP vendors and services agencies.

Access to latest market research  

To support you in your commercial and investment decisions, we are constantly analysing the market and the major events affecting the economy. 

Easy access

You can access Business Arena from any device and as a customer of SEB no additional agreements are required.

Business Arena in the future

  • High degree of automation
  • Efficient and seamless system integrations
  • User-friendly and personalized applications

Frequently asked questions

Anyone using our internetbank for corporates (Internetbanken Företag), C&I Online or Foreign Exchange has automatic access.

If you use our internetbank for corporates (Internetbanken Företag) or Foreign Exchange, you can log in with your mobile BankID, BankID or digipass.

If you use C&I Online, you need to log in with your User-ID and your digipass. For Swedish C&I Online users, it is also possible to log in and sign with Mobile BankID, please contact us to activate this service.

You log out in the upper right corner, next to the company name.