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Frequently asked questions about Business Arena

Here you will find frequently asked questions about Business Arena and Corporate and Institutional Services Online (C&I Online).

Business Arena is SEB's new business platform for small, medium and large companies as well as financial institutions. You will also access C&I Online via Business Arena.

You now log in to C&I Online by clicking on Business Arena. C&I Online can then be found on the left side of the menu in Business Arena.

Business Arena is the new business platform that includes the features available in C&I Online today as well as new features. The new platform is under development and C&I Online will gradually be phased out as it looks today to be replaced by a faster, better and simpler tool.

When you log in to Business Arena you find C&I Online in the menu on the left.

Yes, you can log in with a Swedish mobile bank ID after approval from your employer. Please contact our Client support for more information and guidance.

In order for you to feel safe with us, we automatically log you out when you have not been active on the page for 5 minutes. Your visit is extended if you do something on the screen, such as moving the mouse or using the keyboard. You who use Business Arena can extend the time for automatic logout up to 30 minutes. You do this in the settings under your profile.

This is a requirement according to Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and applies to all banks in the EU.

Click on your profile at the top of the page and select Settings and then Session timeout interval. You can change the time from 5 min up to 30 min.

Collapse the menu, and click on Ctrl+.

Click on the company name in the company selector at the top right and click on the company you want to work with from the list.

Anyone using our internetbank for corporates Internetbanken Företag, C&I Online or Foreign Exchange has automatic access.

Business Arena supports English and Swedish. C&I Online supports more languages. You select these in C&I Online, which you find in the menu on the left.

Yes. You do this in C&I Online via settings.

Click on "Products and services" in the left menu to find services that SEB offers its business customers.

Yes, you can log in to Business Arena with your mobile. Some more complex services are optimized to be used on computers with larger screen sizes.

We appreciate your feedback about Business Arena. Click on "Leave feedback" on the right side of the Business Arena start page.

Contact information for Business Arena and C&I Online

First line support

For questions, information, and guidance about Business Arena and C&I Online, contact your dedicated Client Representative locally.

Second line support

Contact the EBS Support Team via email if you encounter any technical issues within Business Arena and C&I Online.