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We provide products and services to support you in your commodities business. From simple hedging products to advanced strategies based on tailored in-depth risk advisory. 

The latest couple of years is a perfect example of how extreme the price moves in commodities can be both to the downside and the upside. The US Western Texas Intermediate crude oil price went to minus USD 37/b in April 2020 as demand collapsed due to Covid while production spiked in a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The European natural gas price spiked to 1700% of normal in August 2022 due to the Russia-Ukraine war. It’s not the first time for commodity price extremes and it won’t be the last either. Commodity price risks are not for the fainthearted, but they can be hedged and potentially save the day for many a company when volatility strikes again.

A glance of what SEB can offer our customers

  • A Nordic commodity bank with local presence in 10 locations globally. 
  • We work across industries and across commodity sectors, with 15 + countries covered and 150 different commodities offered.
  • Market access to major futures and option market exchanges.
  • Senior team with a highly valuable network and experience covering multinational companies around Europe.
  • One of Europe's highest Credit rated commodity banks.
  • We provide our clients with strategic advisory on risks and provide tailored recommendations and hedging strategies.​
  • Long-term relationship supporting our clients since 1886.

Research for different commodities

We provide clients with research and commodity price outlooks for a number of different commodities. Our first-ranked team of Economists and Strategists is the leading Macro & FICC research group in the Nordics.

Analysts working with paper and computer

Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Aleksander Christensen
Head of Commodities Sales
+46 8 506 233 24

Maximilian Brodin
Head of Commodities
+47 22 82 72 73