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File integration for corporate customers

SEB's Integration Services channels offer clients a single point of entry towards payments, collections and reporting services provided by us. Covering a wide range of countries and transaction types, the services are global, providing clients with access to our transaction services where we have a presence as well as with SEB's partner banks and other external banks.

As our client, you'll be able to integrate your financial systems directly with our back office systems using secure and standardised means like ISO 20022. Integration Services channels also enable cash management processes to be fully automated. SEB Integration Services include two global channel options: Global Corporate Access and Corporate Access over SWIFT.

You can enjoy a number of business benefits, including a reduced need for multiple channels and cash management processes that are greatly simplified due to a single point of entry for payments, collections and reporting. Additional cost and process efficiency benefits can be generated through the establishment of a Shared Service Centre for payments and collections.

SEB Integration Services offers a range of reporting and transactions including payments and collections. And within the area of Cash Management, SEB services distributed through SEB Integration Services channels supports automation of your core financial processes such as Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash and Accounting to Reporting.

SEB Integration Services

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Contact us at e-mail: integrationservices@seb.se

For technical support, e-mail: EBS.support@seb.se