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SEB Test Bench

The SEB Test Bench service is provided to SEB Customers and Service Providers to verify correct implementation of ISO 20022 standard transaction initiations using the SEB’s ISO 20022 Message Implementation Guidelines (MIG).

SEB Test Bench tool validates correctness of inbound messages and produces corresponding outbound ISO 20022 messages. Validation includes syntax check (validation of inbound message structure against SEB ISO 20022 MIG) and business check (validation of inbound message structure and part of the populated content/values against SEB business rules for chosen payment type). In case of implementation errors, automated error descriptions and recommendations are provided to facilitate quick corrections as well as corresponding outbound payment status messages in ISO 20022 standard. This service is intended to decrease implementation time and cost for SEB Customers and Service Providers using SEB file channels.

In case needing an access to the SEB Test Bench, please click the link of the “Test Bench Application form” and send it filled to the email address referred in the form. The form is a macro-enabled Windows Word form and may not be available at your workplace policy. In that case printout the form, fill it manually and send a scanned copy of it to the address referred in the form.

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