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Cash management and integration

Using file-based integration and APIs, we offer a single point of entry for payments, collections and reporting through our cash management integration solution.

Payment files sent to SEB can include a mix of any payment type in any geography. The payment file can also include credit transfers from any external bank account. External bank account reporting is delivered together with SEB account reporting for simplicity in setting up automatic reconciliations. Beside closing balances and booked transactions, intraday debits and credits are available every 15 minutes in file-based integration and in real-time through APIs.

Our API-based cash management services are continuously evolving, so please visit the SEB Developer portal to get latest on our offerings.​

Our cash management products


SEB is offering a wide range of payment related integration services to help you automate the processes of e.g. supplier payments, mass-payouts, salaries etc.


The core of collections is related to accounts receivables – payments your customers make for products and services. Direct debits are also included in collections. ​

Balance & Transaction reporting​

Balance & Transaction reporting is about providing transaction information and account balances. This reporting is provided as closing statements for booked transactions and closing balances. This reporting is also provided as intraday transactions and balances as frequent as every 15 minutes.

File integration​

We offer three file-based integration channels for cash management and more. These are Global Corporate Access, Corporate Access over SWIFT and Global Corporate Access over EBICS.​

Information for File Integration Service Providers​
Information for corporate customers

Integration via APIs

We offer account information and payment Initiation through APIs according to the PSD 2 regulation. ​The services are available to PSD 2 certified third party providers (TPPs).​
Visit the SEB Developer portal

PSD 2​

PSD 2 (the Payment Services Directive 2) is the EU’s second Payment Services Directive and regulates accounts and payments for both companies and private persons.​

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