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Connectivity solutions – for a superior business flow

When different systems communicate with each other, running a business becomes much easier.

Our connectivity solutions enable you to for example integrate your banking services with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. All in all, this makes for simplified procedures in such areas as bookkeeping, cash management and reconciliation.

Benefits of connectivity solutions

Connectivity comes with many advantages. It reduces the amount of routine office work and cuts costs. It also improves transaction speed, while minimizing the risk of errors. We offer several beneficial connectivity solutions. Over time, we will add more APIs and see new smart features being developed, as well as further possibilities for automation.

Is your ERP connected?

We have many partners that have already built integrations with us. Via the link below you can find out if this includes the supplier of your ERP or Treasury Management System (TMS) – so that you can start your automation journey today.

Find connectivity solutions that benefit your business

We offer several different connectivity solutions, within a variety of business areas. In addition, we have made specific APIs available for Third Party providers (TPPs), in accordance with PSD 2. Below we present our connectivity options, area-by-area.

Cash management

Payments, collections and balance/ transaction reporting

Get a single point entry for payments, collections and reporting through our cash management integration solution. Possibility to automate for example mass pay-outs, salaries and reconciliation of incoming payments.


Foreign exchange

Get seamless access and automation with SEB's foreign exchange services and direct API connection. Our integration process ensures a smooth transition, from receiving API specifications to scheduling your first trade.


Our Direct Market Access (DMA) service allows you to trade electronically in 25 equity markets using either your own IT platform, SEB's Trading Station, or any other major trading system.


Supply chain financing

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a receivables purchase product where we help you ensure good liquidity and enhanced reliability in your supply chain. This is done by us purchasing your suppliers’ receivables, generated by your purchasing activities. We also offer the possibility to impact your supply chain from a sustainability perspective, using our ESG-linked SCF solution.

Receivables purchase

Receivables Purchase allows you to sell your customer invoices to us and get paid directly. You assign your accounts receivables to us and get access to the purchase price on the agreed payment day. By doing this, you transfer your credit risk to us and improve your key ratios by exchanging accounts receivables for cash in your balance sheet.

Trade Finance

Trade finance

If you have a large flow of trade transactions, such as issuance of guarantees and Letters of Credit, we offer several options for simplifying the processes by integrating your trade finance system with SEB.