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File Integration Service Providers

Our integration solutions support our global offerings in the file format ISO 20022. SEB is continuously introducing new partnerships with cloud based Service Providers that together with us contribute to digitization and automation of our customers work flow processes.

Our current partnerships include ERP providers, Salary service providers and Bank integrators. Any transaction type can be relevant for file integration as long as the message types are based on ISO 20022.

In English: Changes to ERP vendors and service agencies regarding payments in Swedish kronor

In Swedish: Förändringar för affärssystem (ERP) och servicebyråer vad gäller betalningar i svenska kronor

Become a File Integration Service Provider

Start by contacting us via email and describe your value proposition and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will together with you evaluate the potential for this cooperation and then perform the normal due diligence before taking a decision to enter a partnership with you.

Contact us at: integrationservices@seb.se

File integration network

SEB’s partnership with File Integration Service Providers offers a unique opportunity to automate your core financial processes with secure, reliable, cost-effective and easy to implement solution.

File testing

Perform a test to ensure correct implementation.


Frequently asked questions and answers about file integration.

SEB Integration Services

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Contact us at e-mail: integrationservices@seb.se

For technical support, e-mail: EBS.support@seb.se