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Our community of partners

Partnerships are key to make the most of any business. If you are a solution provider seeking partnership with SEB or if you want to see if your business solution has an existing integration with SEB, here you will find all the information you need. ​

Many business solution vendors have existing integrations with SEB. These business solutions include, among others, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Treasury Management Systems (TMS).

File integration network

SEB’s partnership with File Integration Service Providers offers a unique opportunity to automate your core financial processes with secure, reliable, cost-effective and easy to implement solution.

File Integration Service Providers

Our integration solutions support our global offerings in the file format ISO 20022. SEB is continuously introducing new partnerships with cloud based Service Providers.

Foreign exchange

Trade execution in the foreign exchange markets is extremely efficient. However, there are still a surprising number of manual pre-trade FX processes at both our corporates and investor clients. As a leading Nordic FX Bank, we provide technologies and solutions that can help you eradicate these risks.