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Integration alternatives for ERP providers

Direct integration towards SEB

If you have many SEB customers as well as the knowledge and resources to uphold a technical direct integration towards SEB, you may want to become a File Integration Service Provider. Direct integration requires an integration agreement with SEB, based on a mutual business decision.

Direct integration is based on secure communication protocols. SEB supports encrypted protocols SFTP and AS2.

As ERP provider you will be included in SEB’s digital connect process where your SEB customers easily can integrate with your solution and become ISO ready at the same time.

About File Integration Service Provider, including contact details

Connection to one of SEB’s bank integrators

If you want an automated solution for transferring files with payments and balance reporting, but want to refrain from investing in a direct integration with every major bank the alternative is cooperating with one of the SEB’s connected bank integrators.

When you have a cooperation with one of the bank integrators, your SEB customers can easily select your bank integrator via SEB’s digital connection called “Automatisk bokföringstjänst (automated accounting). 

SEB’s connected bank integrators (see end of page)

Read more and connect to “Automatisk bokföringstjänst (automated accounting)” (Swedish)

Checklist for automated transfers via bank integrator (pdf)

In the checklist you find more information on how you as ERP provider can proceed, and information that you can send to your SEB customers.