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C&I Online

Corporate and institutional services online.

Corporate and institutional services online.

The digital banking service C&I Online in Business Arena is available from all over the world. It enables an increasing number of financial services transactions through a single interface with secure access.

C&I Online suits multinational organisations as well as the specific needs of more regional ones by offering domestic services in several markets as well as allowing users to access and act on assets in many countries both within and outside SEB. 

 C&I Online offers

  • Corporate Authorization System (CAS).
  • Cash Management.
  • Custody Services –provides you with direct access to your custody accounts at SEB in real time.
  • Foreign Exchange in C&I Online enables you to trade currencies in real time. 


Corporate Authorization System (CAS) is a self-service tool, where corporations and institutions can administrate and manage their Powers of Attorney (PoA).

With Corporate Authorization System (CAS) you can steer and control who should have access to what accounts, services, etc. and the conditions for this, like signing options, duration and payment limits in C&I Online.

We offer a palette of setup options, enabling an efficient self-service for corporates, institutions as well as stand-alone and groups of companies. We support involvement of external parties that companies collaborate with. Depending on organisational structure, legal structure, way-of-working for example, you can choose what type of setup you want. You can both have a common setup for the entire or parts of the group and one setup for each company in the group.

You can appoint representatives that administrate and manage PoA in the tool. A PoA becomes active as soon as it has been signed, and in the tool you get a full overview of your active and historical PoA. 

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Contact information for Business Arena and C&I Online

First line support

For questions, information, and guidance about Business Arena and C&I Online, contact your dedicated Client Representative locally.

Second line support

Contact the EBS Support Team via email if you encounter any technical issues within Business Arena and C&I Online.