As a leading provider of payment solutions in northern Europe, SEB continuously develop solutions to fit the corporate, bank, institution and consumer needs. Fast and sharp execution, as well as an optimized way of handling clearing and settlement, is achieved by close integration of payments in our client's business flow.

To meet the need for both financial and commercial payments, SEB provides a full range of efficient payment services. Domestic payment services offering access to local ACH and market specific solutions, cross border solutions for your international business and intra-company solutions to settle your internal business.

The European payment landscape is dramatically changing. At SEB we view SEPA as a strategic opportunity that offer our customers a number of long term benefits resulting in more efficient payment processes.

In addition, technological developments call for major changes. SEB offers a diverse portfolio of products and services to enhance payment initiation and to facilitate reconciliation. Apart from electronic banking services, SEB offers EDI-based services in all global standard formats as well as the local flavors.

To summarize, SEB will continue to stay a front-runner in the payment area, to ensure optimal payment solutions for our clients enabling them to focus on their core business.