Cash management

We help our clients to optimise their global liquidity positions and financial processes to release working capital and at the same time cut costs and mitigate risk, where ever they do business.

We offer a broad range of cash management products and services that enhance liquidity management and decision-making processes. These range from basic cheque accounts and domestic payments, to advanced solutions for global liquidity management and ledger integration. Our systems facilitate communication between different departments and companies in conglomerates and enable you to handle your liquidity surpluses or shortfalls, eliminate currency risks and cut conversion and transaction costs. The web-based or host to host solutions integrate easily with third-party technologies. Aligned with clients' finance and business systems, they enable clients to see their financial status in real-time.

Working with some of the most sophisticated global treasury departments in the world, as well as their subsidiaries, we've developed a far-reaching process and risk oriented methodology called Corporate Financial Value Chain™ aimed at unlocking parts of your financial value chain. Work with us and you'll quickly understand how our rigorous approach can unlock trapped cash from your business.

C&I Online

C&I Online, or Corporate & Institutional Services Online, is a global internet banking service.

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Integration services

SEB's Integration Services channels offer clients a single point of entry towards payments, collections and reporting services provided by us.

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Liquidity management

Within the liquidity area, we focus on supporting efficient cash consolidation, global and instant liquidity visibility.

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As a leading provider of payment solutions in northern Europe, SEB continuously develop solutions to fit the corporate, bank, institution and consumer needs.

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WebForecast is SEB's award-winning, bank independent and powerful tool for liquidity and cash flow forecasting.

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