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Martina Candolin
Global Channel Manager
Phone: +460704622015 

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C&I Online, or Corporate & Institutional Services Online, is a global Internet banking service. It is available from all over the world and enables an increasing number of financial services transactions through a single interface with secure access. C&I Online suits multinational organisations as well as the specific needs of more regional ones by offering domestic services in several markets as well as allowing users to access and act on assets in a large number of countries both within and outside SEB. C&I Online is reachable in an instant from both desktop and mobile devices.

As our client, this means that now you simply need to log in once to access the following services:

Corporate authorization

The Corporate Authorization System (CAS) is a powerful setup tool included in C&I Online. CAS enables the organisation to administrate the users and authorizations within C&I Online. This removes the need for any additional physical agreements or external intervention.

Cash management

The C&I Online Cash Management services provide functions for efficient liquidity management, meaning you can simply maintain a full overview of your cash flow and account structures. Information on transactions and balances is presented in real time.

Custody Services

The C&I Online Custody Services provide you with direct access to your custody accounts at SEB. This makes it easy for you to manage large holdings of shares, bonds, convertibles and other assets. All custody account information regarding holdings and movements is available in real time.