Macro research

Financial implications from economic development

Our Economic Research team tracks and predicts short-and medium-term cyclical movements in the global economy and their financial implications. Specific regions and countries covered include the Nordics, the Baltics, the Euro zone (including Germany), the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, China, Eastern Europe and other emerging economies.

The analysis and results, which cover the usual macroeconomic and financial variables (including GDP growth, inflation, exchange rates and interest rates), are published in SEB's leading quarterly Nordic Outlook report as well as in a number of shorter studies.

Nordic Outlook is distributed to almost 5,000 clients in Sweden and internationally and provides the general economic framework and outlook for various currency, equity and fixed-income reports from SEB.

Another Economic Research flagship is the biannual Eastern European Outlook. This covers the Baltic countries and major Eastern European economies like Russia, Poland and the Ukraine.

At Economic Research, our empirical focus is important as it provides early and significant information about the current and future state of the economy – and therefore about the financial markets and trends in monetary and fiscal policy.