SEB is a leading partnership bank in Northern Europe thanks to our strength in custody and other bank-related transaction services. We have bridged the differences in how our home markets operate and turned the similarities into a strength.

SEB recognises that transaction banking is a business based on people and trust - we have over 100 years experience in custody services, which combined with our recognised foreign exchange capabilities and strong commitment to this industry, makes us a perfect partner.

Our sub-custody services

Our sub-custody offering provides a single point of entry to 7 markets and we are responsible for the safekeeping of your securities holdings. Our clients can simplify and rationalise the processes behind the holding of all kinds of securities. And when securities change hands, we offer matching, clearing and settlement as well as delivery of the securities in exchange for payment. We back this up with access to business-critical information, allowing you and your clients to make timely investment decisions and act quickly on them.

Our offering covers:

  • Pan-Nordic Sub-Custody system
  • Nordic agreement, MIS and Query Tracking System
  • Nordic C&I Online, information about custody and cash accounts
  • Nordic automatic borrowing, intra-day and over night
  • Nordic Corporate Action deadline and automated reporting
  • E-news covering 7 countries, time to market.

We also offer supplementary products for risk management, administration, follow-up and cash management.

As part of our offering, we secure monetary flows and link credit facilities to securities accounts – and we handle foreign exchange, payments in a range of currencies, dividends and interest rates.
We are active in global securities lending – share loans in the form of fully automatic borrowing and lending procedures – and can handle your tax refunds and serve as a qualified intermediary for the US tax authorities regarding US share dividends.

Our approach means you have a single agreement, implementation process, reporting platform, standard for control and compliance and contingency plan , a common price structure, and a Global Relations & Sales Manager for a single point of entry.

This equates to transaction cost savings, liquidity consolidation, harmonised business processes, increased STP, competitive pricing, decreased operational risk and better efficiency.