Cash management

SEB is a leading partnership bank in Northern Europe thanks to our strength in cash management and bank-related transaction services. We have bridged the differences in how our home markets operate and turned the similarities into a strength.

SEB recognises that transaction banking is a business based on people and trust - we have over 100 years experience in this field, which, combined with our recognised foreign exchange and CLS capabilities and our strong commitment to this industry, makes us a perfect partner.

Cash Clearing - one point of entry for seven countries

Our cash clearing offering provides one point of entry to seven markets and their associated currencies. We provide liquidity, expertise and advisory services that make process payments more efficient, optimise your risk management and manage different currency and liquidity positions.

Our offering covers:

  • Full account, liquidity and monitoring facilities
  • Financial, commercial and local ACH clearing facilities
  • Physical presence with local business management and advisory
  • Harmonised reporting and invoicing tools
  • Online tool for monitoring accounts and liquidity
  • Centralised support and operations with local expertise.

Network Extension/White Label Services - your client, your brand, your control, our infrastructure

Our Network Extension/White Label Services are a cost effective way to gain access to local payment infrastructure in the Nordic countries – we allow clients to rent a piece of our infrastructure and history.

The benefits:

  • You "own" your clients - 100%
  • It is your brand that is exposed - SEB is completely invisible to your clients
  • You retain full control of the payment needs and liquidity of your clients
  • The accounts are in your books - you set prices and interest rates
  • Consolidated account balances enable interest arbitrage.

CLS Services - all aspects of daily CLS processing

SEB is the CLS Nostro agent for a large number of settlement members in the Scandinavian countries. We are member of the Scandinavian Cash Pool, which facilitates collateral use across the Scandinavian markets.

We have a centralised CLS team in Europe and coverage in Asia so we have round the clock processing. Selected third-party services are also available.

Our approach means you have a single agreement, implementation process, reporting platform, standard for control and compliance and contingency plan, a common price structure, and a Global Relations & Sales Manager for a single point of entry.

This equates to transaction cost savings, liquidity consolidation, harmonised business processes, increased STP, competitive pricing, decreased operational risk and better efficiency.