Creating value

This area of our business offers you a broad selection of domestic and regional funds as well as index-linked and unconstrained products.

Investing in companies in Nordics, Europe and Eastern Europe is SEB's specialty. Our experience and network gives us easy access to business leaders throughout this region. We invest in highly profitable, leading companies that can create value for you as our client.

Our selection of Nordic funds range from micro-cap to large-cap funds to niche market funds as well as broader funds. Within European-oriented funds, clients can choose from actively or passively managed funds, small-cap or large-cap, as well as broad or specialised funds. For clients interested in Eastern Europe and other emerging markets, we provide active strategies with or without holdings in Russia.

For the active funds, our goal is to achieve a high risk-adjusted return over the long term. We aim to make sure you as an investor profit, above the management fees for the funds.

Each of our teams has a specialised approach for their particular area. However, all possess a thorough understanding of the value-drivers and the operational risks of the companies in which we invest. This is the foundation upon which we base all decisions.

Our teams have the advantage of a broad network among the companies in which we invest. Our experience and network provide us with the invaluable asset of easy access to business leaders.

We have Equities teams in several geographic markets, including Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallin.