Access to the less common

This area of our business offers you a broad selection of products that aim for absolute return as well as a low correlation to the general bond and equity markets.

Alternative funds help you add value to your portfolio, whether it is traditional or defensive, by increasing return and/or reducing risk or both. Our alternative funds give you access to less common areas of the investment universe, keeping in mind that such products generally have a higher risk and reward profile than traditional products.

High risk-adjusted absolute return is the overall long term goal for our alternatives products. We regard capital growth and capital preservation as equally important in the pursuit of this goal.

The product range includes single manager funds and fund-of-funds. We offer a range of hedge funds as well as private equity and real estate funds.

SEB has a long history of alternative products. We were among the pioneers in the 1980s in fund-of-hedge funds, and again in 2006 with the first UCITS-compliant hedge funds.

Our funds have a combination of low fixed management fees and attractive performance fees. This ensures the alignment of your interests and ours.

All our Alternative teams employ highly experienced individuals with expertise in their particular investment area. Several of our teams are recognised locally as well as internationally, winning several industry awards.