Asset management

Asset management offers a broad range of funds and tailored portfolios for institutional investors as well as retail and private banking clients. We manage in excess of 100 billion euro worth of assets, making us one of the largest commercial asset managers in Scandinavia. We manage single-niche products and full-scale tailored solutions based on our multi-boutique concept: from low risk money market funds to private equity products.

As a client, you can expect our investment professionals to take a strategic, creative approach to generating returns on your investment. We aim to provide consistent, risk-controlled performance and add value at each stage of the investment process. Our fees are in line with the competition and are in relation to the level of custom-tailoring of our products. When possible we use performance fees to align your investment outcome with our compensation. All major decisions are reviewed and documented by our teams, facilitating the continuous improvement of our processes. It also makes it easier for you to understand your investment and know what to expect from SEB.

Independent risk and compliance functions review our products and teams to ensure the fulfilment of regulations and targets. Our investment professionals are licensed by the appropriate authorities and encouraged to develop professionally throughout their careers.

With nearly 100 investment professionals in 20 teams across Scandinavia, and the Baltics, SEB is one of the most resourceful asset managers in the region.