File Integration Partners

With the new Nordic payments platform P27, Nordic payments will be based on the file format XML ISO 20022.

In December 2020, Swedish Bankers' Association arranged a webinar intended for banks, software vendors, accounting service agencies and business system developers. Read more
The webinar is also available in Swedish. Read more

Our integration solutions support our global offerings in ISO 20022. SEB are continuously introducing new partnerships with cloud based Service Providers that together with us contribute to digitization and automation of our customers work flow processes.

Our current partnerships include ERP providers, Salary service providers and Bank integrators. Any transaction type can be relevant for file integration as long as the message types are based on ISO 20022.

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Integration solutions

We offer several file-based integration solutions.
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File testing

Perform a test to ensure correct implementation.
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Current file integrations

These are our current file integrations.
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Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions and answers about file integration.
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SEB Integration Services

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