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Learning and Development

At SEB, we have always been convinced that the future depends on turning good ideas into reality. Our ever-changing world constantly challenges us in new ways. To meet these challenges and shape a positive future, we offer our employees the best opportunities to continuously learn and develop.

We take great pride in our very own digital corporate university, SEB Campus. Along with internal experts, international universities and schools, we provide our employees with a wide range of learning opportunities that equip them with the skills to grow personally and professionally. We utilize technology to create scalable and global solutions and continually explore new learning formats.

A significant amount of learning also occurs in everyday life, both at work and in social settings. To encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing and relationship building, we also offer mentorship, coaching, volunteer work, and internal gigs to provide opportunities to explore other aspects of SEB for a period.

 We learn and build sustainable societies together.

Continuous learning

We take development seriously, so we are very proud to say that we have our own digital corporate university, SEB Campus. Together with internal experts and international business schools and universities, we offer our employees a wide range of learning content to support them in their ambitions. We are using the power of technology to create scalable and global solutions and are continuously exploring new learning formats.