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Agile at SEB

Agile at SEB has evolved from being just a methodology to a transformative mindset that's becoming integral to many parts of the bank. Today, we're proud to have numerous global teams embracing Agile practices, and our journey of innovation is far from over as we encourage the adoption of an agile mindset throughout our organization.

Our external environment is constantly changing, with technology advancing rapidly and fostering digitalization and automation. This has seen the rise of agile competitors, including fintechs and traditional companies, adopting new ways of working to develop fresh products and services. We're also in the midst of an AI revolution, and regulatory changes have opened up the financial service market through emerging ecosystems like open banking. But the biggest change we see is in customer behaviors which are evolving rapidly, necessitating us to be agile, relevant, and secure in the development of our products and services.

In the face of these challenges, our dedication to our customers and employees is steadfast. This motivates us to keep refining our approach to business development: Agile at SEB.

Agile at SEB aims to increase customer and shareholder value, specifically striving to:

  • Better meet our customers' immediate needs,
  • Improve the quality of our services promptly and intelligently, focusing on business and customer priorities,
  • Simplify decision-making to reduce time spent on prioritization and anchoring decisions,
  • Empower our employees by delegating authority within set boundaries,
  • Build a resilient, adaptable organization that continually enhances its capabilities based on accumulated knowledge.

We're engaging everyone involved in internal or external business development across all SEB branches in Agile at SEB, fostering a collective evolution towards an Agile mindset.