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A perfect way to start a career

I thought it would be hard to get going as a trainee when everything had to be done remotely because of the pandemic. But things have gone surprisingly well and I have been warmly welcomed to my department,” says Lina Al Mandlawi, who participated in the Tech Programme 2020/21. 

What made you apply for the SEB Tech Programme?

“I did not actually know about this programme but I was contacted by a recruiter who said that my profile fitted perfectly for a role in SEB's Tech Programme. I checked it out and it was true, the role suited me perfectly.

“I was also attracted by the fact that SEB is a large company with a good personnel policy. There are many different opportunities for further development. This was a key reason why I chose SEB before other offers that I had.”

What did you do during your time as a tech trainee?

“Half my time was spent learning my role and for the other half, I took part in the programme together with the other trainees. There we learnt about the bank and got an overall view of what the different divisions do. We also took part in a Business Challenge where we worked on a real project for creating value in a department. We joined a hackathon competition and could set up “Gig Days” around things that we wanted to learn more about together.

“I have got to know a lot of people and built up a large contact network in the bank at the same time as I have learnt my own role as a product owner where I am responsible for managing all development decisions around my product.

Is there anything that surprised you?

“What is surprising is probably that it worked so well to complete the entire programme remotely. I thought it would be difficult to come in as a newcomer when you can only communicate by computer. But the programme's structure and agenda were good. We did not travel or have AW get-togethers, but the lessons were the same. In my own department as well I was given a warm welcome despite the pandemic. I received really good tuition and am happy with how instructive and exciting this has been for me.”


What is your advice to others who are considering applying for a traineeship at SEB?

“In my view, a traineeship at SEB is a perfect way to start a career after graduating. If you find a role that is interesting and exciting for you then the programme is a soft start to understanding more about the bank as a whole and building a large network throughout the company. I also think that there is a good balance between what is specifically related to your role and what is general. My understanding is that many trainee programmes are usually too general.

“So I can recommend the programme and also get involved in all types of activities within the programme. This is a possibility you have as a trainee which is not as simple when you work full time in your professional role.”

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