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Agile at SEB

Agile at SEB is a way of doing business development and a transition for all employees to take an agile approach in their work. Today we already have many global teams and tribes working in agile ways, but there are many exciting developments still to come. The big change occurs when we all take on an agile approach.

Many things are happening around us. There is the ongoing technical shift that has brought us digitalization and automation as well as new and nimbler competitors in fintechs. There are regulations that lower the barriers to entry the financial service market through new ecosystems such as open banking, and in addition there is increased demand in data privacy. Most importantly, customer behaviors are changing faster than ever before, demanding even higher speed and relevance in the development of products and services, as well as increased security and reliability in solutions.

In this rapidly changing environment, we must remain relevant to our customers and to our employees. This is why we want to go in depth into establishing a new way of doing business development: Agile at SEB.

The aim with Agile at SEB in general is to increase customer and shareholder value and more specifically to:

  • improve our ability to solve the right problems for our customers
  • improve the quality of services smarter and faster, by being more precise and accurate in meeting top priority business and customer needs
  • improve decision-making, reduce time spent in prioritizing and anchoring decisions
  • empower and motivate our employees by delegating mandate within given frames
  • create a long-lived and stable organization that continuously evolve its abilities based on learnings.

Agile at SEB involves all people that today work directly and indirectly in internal or external business development in all parts of SEB