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A role that provides Life and Pension with critical insight

Mathias Böös, SEB

Mathias Böös has worked at SEB for 27 years and has had several different roles within the bank. Today, he works as a Market Insight Manager at SEB Life and Pension. Here, he shares more about his career, the unique role, and his thoughts on current market trends. 

After graduating with a degree in economics from Stockholms University, Mathias Böös landed a summer job at SEB as an Account Manager in what is now Large Corporates & Financial Institutions (LC&FI). After the summer, the plan was originally to continue studying, but a full-time position at the bank seemed more appealing. 

– I found the job really enjoyable, so I chose to stay. After a total of six years and three roles in different parts of the bank, I ended up at Life – SEB’s life insurance company, where I still work today. Over the past 21 years, I have had various roles within the area, including working as an analyst, CRM Manager and Business Controller. For the past two years, I have held the role of Market Insight Manager. 

What does a Market Insight Manager do? 

– My role involves keeping an eye on the market, statistics, and what’s happening in the world. This can include everything from macroeconomics and interest rates to demographic trends or technical developments. As a Market Insight Manager, it’s my responsibility to flag such changes and provide insight into how they can affect operations within Life and Pension, both in the short and long term. For example, what happens to the retirement age as we live longer and longer? Or, how can new legislation affect our products? Since I am alone in my role and constantly need to stay updated on the news, it can sometimes be challenging to find enough time. But, at the same time, it’s very exciting to immerse myself in everything happening in our world. 

Are there any current market trends that you believe could significantly impact Life and Pension? 

– With the help of AI, I believe that better offers and more individually tailored solutions based on current life situations can be provided. It’s probably only a matter of time before information is analysed using AI to set the right premium in relation to the individual’s risk profile. I think this could have a very significant impact on the insurance industry. 

After 27 years at SEB – what are the driving factors behind your career development? 

– I’m a very curious person and try to, for example, attend various training sessions or find people who can give me inspiration and new insights. During my years at the bank, I have had several different roles, which means I constantly get new perspectives, new input, and small puzzle pieces that I put together to learn more about both the business and what I find interesting. That’s also what’s so enjoyable about SEB – it’s an incredibly large company with many roles and areas of responsibility to explore. 


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