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I want to be part of building the future solution that makes SEB even more data-driven

Simon Melamed

After a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics from Stockholms University, Simon Melamed started working on data-related issues at an auditing firm, before moving on to SEB and the role of Data Analyst. 

– I wanted a steadier pace of work and a secure employer. A friend of mine, who already worked at the bank, described SEB’s culture as welcoming and warm, and encouraged me to apply for a job here. Already during the recruitment process, I got a good impression and also felt that I could truly contribute with my knowledge. 

What does the role of a Data Analyst entail?

– The team I work in is called Customer Insight Analytics and can be described as the analytics team within Customer Growth at SEB. As a Data Analyst, my job primarily involves making data available to various teams within the bank, thus providing support with the insights and statistics required to make more data-driven decisions. The work can range from supporting larger and longer projects where data needs to be tracked, analysis needs to be prepared, and progress needs to be measured, to smaller tasks where you simply combine data from different sources. There is a very large variation in both tasks, clients and stakeholders that I come in contact with. 

A social role with many opportunities for development

The best part of the role? According to Simon, it’s the relationships you build with others within the bank and the feeling of contributing to long-term change. 

– Just in the two years that I’ve worked at SEB, I have completed over 250 assignments from more than 100 different clients within the bank. This means that I have come into contact with many new people, but also that those I have previously helped often come back and want more support. You receive great appreciation for your skills while building valuable internal relationships, which I enjoy.

– Many are also very positive about our work and are eager to optimise their operations with the help of data. This is something that SEB invests a lot in – we want to develop internal expertise, be at the forefront with technical solutions, and streamline work with the help of data. And you can do that with the transition that is now taking place from the current data environment to the cloud. With that comes changed ways of working and the opportunity to learn new tools, which feels exciting, especially for someone in my role. I want to be part of building the future solution that makes SEB even more data-driven. 

How would you describe the culture at SEB?

– SEB has many great benefits, both when it comes to things like our restaurants and gym, but above all when it comes to the people. I have several colleagues who have worked here for over ten years, and that says a lot about the bank’s work environment. Everyone is incredibly helpful, willing to share their knowledge, and keen to create an environment characterised by mutual respect. Even though I’m not the most experienced in my team, everyone listens to what I have to say, and we value each other’s perspectives highly. Going to a workplace where people enjoy themselves, laugh, and feel good makes a huge difference.