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A role that’s at the centre of the bank

William Nylén
William Nylén

“For me, working in finance has always been a given”, says William Nylén, who after his bachelor's degree in economics from Uppsala University chose to apply for a job at SEB. Here, he has worked for almost two years in the role of Bank Operations Specialist in the Custody Service team within Business Services. But what makes this area so exciting?

What attracted you to SEB?

– I have always been interested in the finance industry, and for example started investing in stocks at the age of 16. So, the banking world has always intrigued me, especially SEB, as it’s a reputable major bank with many internal opportunities. 

What does the role of a Bank Operations Specialist entail? 

– The role of a Bank Operations Specialist can vary depending on the team you work in. For me, my work within Custody Services involves collaborating with SEB’s custody banks to provide our clients with the opportunity to participate in foreign corporate events. This can include dividends, new issuances, and acquisitions, but also more unusual events such as Dutch Auctions, Bids, or delistings. We at Custody Services can therefore be described as the intermediary between companies and investors, ensuring that their securities are securely held.

What is the best part of the role? 

– The best part of the role, and working within Business Services, is the knowledge you gain. You get to learn how different processes interact and function at the core, which contributes to a better overall understanding of our business – something that can otherwise be difficult to achieve in such a large and complex organisation as SEB. Even if you have a lot of previous knowledge, you can never truly understand what goes on behind the scenes until you’re working on it yourself. For someone like me, who has always been interested in the stock market as well as the mechanics within companies and how different parts of organisations fit together, my time at SEB has been incredibly rewarding. That’s why I believe that working within Business Services provides a strong knowledge base which in the future offers many career opportunities, not least for recent graduates. 

What does “being at the heart of the action” mean to you? 

– The work that happens in the back office can easily go unnoticed. “Being at the heart of the action” is therefore a strong and important metaphor for Business Services and explains how we are actually at the centre of everything that happens at the bank. We assist internally, are solution-oriented, and have the specialist knowledge required to keep the entire SEB functioning. And from an employee perspective, realising how many people depend on your job gives you a much clearer purpose. You know what you’re working for, contributing to a greater sense of belonging and, above all, motivation.