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SEB has a strong culture of willingness to help

Image of Carolina Trujillo.
Carolina Trujillo, Head of e-FX Distribution.

By listening to the needs of the clients and focusing on the right product deliveries, innovations and improvements, Carolina Trujillo and her team make SEB a top international player in electronic Foreign Exchange.

What is your ambition as a co-worker and a leader?

“In my role as Head of Electronic Foreign Exchange Distribution, I am delivering customer value by developing and coordinating electronic Foreign Exchange (e-FX) knowledge and services.

My ambition is to have a job that is fun, challenging and dynamic. At SEB I have been given the space to shape my role to make sure we always serve clients in the best way and with my personal touch. Some things are extremely important for me like being a role model for my team, collaborating with the teams around us, and communicating in the best possible ways to our customers. I get to use my creativity to achieve those objectives in the best possible way. To me, that makes my job interesting, and I feel a strong responsibility to focus on the right things and to deliver high standard results.”

How does SEB empower managers to develop and support their colleagues?

“SEB empowers us by giving managers as much flexibility as possible. We have clearly defined targets and strategic frames but the freedom to use our own leadership style and creativity to achieve our goals.

There is also a great deal of transparency and collaboration in our important people processes. We as managers have a great deal of involvement, which boosts a sense of belonging and personal impact. It provides us the opportunity to make sure we only keep the processes that are necessary for us to continue improving, developing, and delivering.

Finally, we have access to so many development opportunities internally. We have our own digital university called SEB Campus where there is a huge range of trainings and courses, including a big focus on transformative leadership, which involves developing our leaders to make all of us ready for and comfortable with change in a rapidly changing industry.”

How do you experience SEB helping to shape a better future?

“Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, and continuous learning are some of the key principles that SEB focuses a lot on, and I think it is extremely important. I feel that most SEB employees are humble enough to recognise we still have a lot to do in those areas but that we always need to have those principles with us in all our external and internal interactions.”

What would you pin-point about SEB if you were to describe the company?

“Talented, dedicated, helpful and friendly colleagues with group targets ensured strong teams, and that really impacted me when I first joined. I have worked in other companies in France, London and

New York previously, and I was positively surprised by the atmosphere at SEB and the willingness to help. You can be nice and friendly as well as being professional, hardworking and talented at what you do!”

What is your advice to someone who is wondering if SEB is a good place to grow their career?

“SEB is a great place to grow your career. There is a lot at your disposal to grow and improve, you have access to many courses of all lengths, you can ask for a mentor if you are interested, HR and your manager can help you think of what the next step of your career could be. SEB is very open to mobility in all directions and by being a big organisation, it offers a wide range of opportunities. You can also be creative in your career growth. If a department sounds interesting, talk to your manager to spend some time shadowing that team. I would say that the possibilities are endless as long as you take responsibility for your career growth.”