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Curiosity and constant growth are my drivers

Kevin Neudel, Analyst in Foreign Exchange Sales
Kevin Neudel, Analyst in Foreign Exchange Sales

Kevin has been with the bank for two years, starting as an International Trainee before joining FICC Sales focusing on Foreign Exchange and data-related topics.

“Curiosity and constant growth are my drivers. Perhaps my USP is that whenever I am involved in a project, I am constantly questioning things and trying to link two worlds, the world of the customer relationship and the world of data, in order to be able to carry out systematic analyses and gain additional insights. Because the sale side is still very much relationship driven, my hybrid workday probably stands out a bit.”

What do relationships mean to you personally?

“I interpret relationships both internally and externally. Internally, that means having a resilient network and mentors and colleagues who encourage me to further develop and value my input and concerns. The external network is also very important. I try to serve my clients in the best possible way, build trust and be open and transparent about our product scope and our capabilities. Honesty is an important part of our offering.”

What do you feel makes SEB a welcoming and friendly environment to work in?

“SEB respects my privacy and fosters my development personally and career-wise. People are genuinely interested in getting to know you personally, and those in managerial positions understand the importance of taking time to listen to the employees.”

In what way does SEB make you feel secure in yourself and your career?

“For me, it’s important to have long-term career opportunities, and SEB offered me those. I have the possibility to be in the lead of my own development, together with my manager. A solid work-life balance is also key in this.”

What has been the biggest driver of your personal development at SEB?

“I learn much from my senior colleagues and especially my manager has had a big influence. He’s a trustworthy person who acts both as a boss and as a mentor. He has pushed me and given me the freedom to solve tasks in my own way. He shares my intrinsic motivation and wants me to be part of a global organisation. I serve my clients by building relationships but also analysing the data and considering the client's behaviour and patterns.”

What role does SEB have in positively impacting society in a sustainable way?

“We are actively contributing to shaping the future by incorporating environmental and social aspects. We don’t see environmental change as a constraint but promote it for the common good. The Green Framework opens up lending in new areas, for example within biodiversity and the transition to the circular economy and climate change doctrine. We are pursuing a long-term idea.”

What is something you feel is on the horizon that will be impactful in the world of finance or sustainability?

“Decentralised network architectures based on consensus mechanism will impact our way of working and living. Blockchain, tokenization of assets or securities implemented by using smart contracts that self-execute on the basis of pre-defined terms and conditions. These technologies will trigger changes in our behaviour.”

What innovation do you hope is coming in the future?

“I hope that decentralised network architectures will become more present in our everyday life, for instance smart contracts. These programmes stored on a blockchain run when predetermined conditions are met. They are used to automate the execution of agreements so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary's involvement or time loss.