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Don't be afraid to take on a challenge

Frida Sjoner, Head of Financial Strategy in Norway,
Frida Sjoner, Head of Financial Strategy in Norway,

Frida works as Head of Financial Strategy, a team focusing on capital structure advisory. She has been with SEB for 4 years. She started as an Associate within the same team but then became head of the team two years ago. 

“Don’t be afraid to take on a challenge, most likely it will create an opportunity. At SEB it’s okay to try and fail, and you will always be guided.”

What do relationships mean to you personally?

“Building relationships means creating trust and building for the long term. I would say it’s a great way to go about both your professional as well as private life. Great relationships mean a high level of trust and a high level of trust creates room to maneuver: more creativity, more business and more fun.”

What makes SEB a friendly and welcoming place to work?

“At SEB, people are open-minded and genuine. We solve challenges in teams and people here truly have a long-term mindset.”

What does it mean to you to stay curious and continue to grow?

“Curiosity keeps you young and vital, no matter age. You develop and learn new things through being curious, contributing to making people feel happy. I think that curiosity might have been the biggest driver for my personal development at the bank. I’m not afraid to ask questions, and with friendly, intelligent, and sometimes very patient, colleagues I have learned, and still am, learning a lot.”

How do challenges at SEB in turn create opportunities?

“At first, I was very uncertain whether to accept the role as Head of Financial Strategy, but after several discussions with my leaders they encouraged me to try it and see how it felt. I ended up growing into it, but if I hadn’t, I knew they would still have found something else for me and supported me. Challenges don’t feel that scary when you feel you have support. At SEB you will get support and people always have each other’s back.”