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Explore our tech stack

Do you dream of a job where you can break new technological ground – and still feel safe and backed up by one of the largest IT employers? Welcome to SEB, the frontrunner of technology.

The desire for innovation has always been there. We launched Sweden’s first real-time ledger in the early ‘70s and continued with the country’s first internet bank in the ‘90s – and the progressive development continues in the same spirit today. By adopting a public cloud with serverless microservices, infrastructure-as-code, data mesh, and APIs, we are taking further steps towards the future. 

One way to accelerate the digital journey is through strategic partnerships, and one of them is google cloud. This partnership allows us to use data from our applications in a more intelligent way and speed up the creation of new, innovative solutions for our customers. Do you want to know more? Read the article by our tech employees on SEB’s tech blog.

Are we that unique, though? The answer is yes. Only a limited number of companies have a comparable tech stack. From COBOL to AI, and everything in between. There are many technology paths to choose from, and if you aspire to learn and develop in your role, the opportunities are limitless. Our tech stack includes Kubernetes, Terraform, Python, .NET, TypeScript, Java, MongoDB, React Native, GoLang, BigQuery, Google and Azure Cloud Platforms, Assembler and Cobol, and various AI and ML technologies. 

Our tech stack in-glance

Cloud technology 

By embracing Cloud Technologies, we benefit from scalability, flexibility, and access to the latest technologies.  

Container technology 

 Container technology has fundamentally changed our view on application hosting and brings speed to our application deployment pipeline. Some examples are OpenShift, Mirantis/Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm and Container Security. 

Software development

We use a broad range of software programming languages. To mention a few, we love Java, .Net Core & .NET Framework, Cobol, Go, React, and Python.


Increase agility by continuously build, test, and deploy iterative code change. Embracing Infrastructure-as-Code and GitOps best practices for deployment improves security and quality.  

AI Ops 

Automated monitoring, discovery, and remediation. Machine Learning helps us mitigate problems quicker.  

Data Science 

We work with visualization, data engineering, AI and Machine Learning.  

Open Source 

We contribute and have our own.

Our open-source projects range from frontend tools to Kubernetes operators and more. We contribute to other projects and continuously evaluate what is suitable to open source.
Check out our Github Projects  


We use and develop a lot of API for our development internal as well as external usage as well as in our infrastructure. 

Aiming for the forefront requires openness and self-leadership. It means that you will be provided with freedom at SEB – because we know it fosters a learning culture where you are encouraged to explore new things and allow you to adapt to our legacy. 

For example, we explore and innovate at Hackathons, Tech Guilds, Community of Practices, Innovation Challenges, Open-Source projects, and other social events. We want our employees to attend tech conferences, do Unconferences, arrange Brown Bag lunches and meet-ups for you to continue to feel passionate, and to continue to grow. We are an active partner to organizations such as Datatjej, Pink Programming, and Women Go Tech. Just to mention a few. 

If you want to work with technology development in the world of financial flows, come and invent the future with us