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Employee's benefit and perks

Working in SEB will get you access to our benefits, ranging from health and wellness to service in your personal bank matters by our own employee bank.

Here is a brief introduction to some of our benefits. Applies mostly to Sweden.

A selection of SEB's benefits

SEB's Profit Sharing Foundation

Employees receive a share of the bank’s annual profit in the form of cash and shares.

Wellness subsidy

3,000 kronor annually for the purchase of wellness services and training.

My Lifestyle account

Up to 3,000 kronor for the purchase of lifestyle services.

Occupational pension

Each month the bank pays the premium for your future pension. Part of your salary is deferred and is paid out when you retire.

Compensation for parental leave 

Complements compensation from the Swedish Social Security Agency.

Lunch, gym, sauna and training

Subsidised lunch, free access to gym, sauna and training sessions for employees at Arenastaden

SEB Campus 

A digital teaching platform for training and skills development.