Business Arena – your new business platform

Business Arena is a digital platform that gives you complete control over your business. Our goal is to gather all services you need at one place – to give you better overview and insights.

Welcome to Business Arena!

A first look at Business Arena

A world of constant change requires flexible solutions. That is why we have created Business Arena, a platform that will grow over time.  The first version is for customers using our internetbank for corporates (Internetbanken Företag), C&I Online and Foreign Exchange. You log in with the same user credentials and method that you normally use for these applications.

Business Arena – what is next?

We are continuously adding new features and functions. Here is a taste of what lies ahead.

Customized overview

Customize the interface accordance to your needs, providing instant access to the most relevant content and functionality.

Analysis, insights and notifications

Get access to advanced market analysis and financial insights, as basis for your decision making and as input to your strategic planning.  Be notified about events that are most relevant for you.

Always connected

Integrate and get access to your most important business systems via Business Arena for a simpler day-to-day business.

Help us to get better!

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