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Sponsoring and community engagement

Through our sponsorships and community investments we want to support people with an entrepreneurial mindset and help their ideas grow. 

We are especially passionate about initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment, inclusion and diversity as well as equality. In all of our partnerships we want to play an active role and contribute through our expertise.

Supporting entrepreneurial minds – in and outside of the business world 

Entrepreneurship is a term that goes beyond the business world. It can be defined as “the ability to identify opportunities and create resources to take advantage of these opportunities”. When we speak of entrepreneurial minds, we mean anyone who drives change through new thinking.

Many of our everyday operations are about supporting business entrepreneurs. Our sponsorships and community investments are, however, also about supporting community entrepreneurs. That is, all types of organisations, initiatives and projects that have a new approach to creating a positive impact on society, which we call sustainable entrepreneurship.

Helping sustainable ideas grow

We believe that sustainable entrepreneurship is essential for creating a better world, which is part of the reason why entrepreneurial minds have a special place in our hearts.  

By focusing our sponsorship and community investments on three main areas – the environment, inclusion and diversity and equality – we are able to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We prefer partnerships, where we can engage continuously, over time.

Supporting community entrepreneurs

Through our sponsorship we support community entrepreneurs. This entails all types of initiatives and projects that focus on building and developing society through new ideas. 

We sponsor business entrepreneurs

We sponsor plenty of initiatives that focus on business entrepreneurs. That is, initiatives that encourage and inspire people who want to make a difference through entrepreneurship.
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We're helping young people to develop


Since 1997, SEB has partnered with Mentor Sweden, a foundation focusing on offering schools various types of mentoring programmes, to help young people grow and strengthen their self-belief.

Entrepreneur Camp

With Entrepreneur Camp, we want to highlight young entrepreneurs who make the world more sustainable. 
The camp is for you who are studying at the university or have just graduated and are curious about starting your own business. (Information in Swedish)

Questions about sponsorship

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